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  • Three new Cochrane Geographic Groups were recently launched in Nigeria, Kenya and Cameroon.  Cochrane is an international network and works across 220 countries, aiming to provide the best possible research summaries to help guide health policy and practice. These new centres represent endorsement of leadership and excellence in the region,...
    November 29 2021
  • Making wise choices about low-value health care in the COVID-19 pandemicOveruse of health care can cause harm to individuals and threaten the sustainability of health systems. The importance of addressing overuse is heightened by the imperative to control healthcare costs, which were growing substantially even before the COVID‐19 pandemic. Read...
    October 13 2021
  • In this interview with Jill Hayden we learn how this review, one of Cochrane’s largest reviews published to date, has led to new ways of working collaboratively and with an increased focus on research integrity. An ongoing update of this review will bring five related Cochrane reviews together into one. Read the interview with Jill Hayden here
    October 8 2021
  • Cochrane Convenes is an online event hosted by Cochrane and co-sponsored with the World Health Organization and the COVID-19 Evidence Network to support Decision making (COVID-END). For more information and to register for the plenary session click here
    October 8 2021
  • The Centre for Evidence Based Health Care at Stellenbosch University is hosting a Primer in Systematic Reviews online short course from 1 November - 20 December 2021. For more information please click here or email Liesel Floor.
    October 7 2021
  • Cochrane South Africa is offering up to 20 bursaries to attend the Stellenbosch University Primer in Systematic Reviews online short course. The course takes place from 1 November - 20 December 2021.For more information about the course click herePreference will be given to applicants who are:- based at a South African historically disadvantaged...
    October 6 2021
  • The latest edition of the Cochrane SA newsletter is now available.
    July 22 2021
  • The 2020 Journal Citation Report (JCR) has just been released by Clarivate Analytics, and we are delighted to announce that Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) Journal Impact Factor is now 9.266. This is an increase on the 2019Journal Impact Factor, which was 7.890
    July 19 2021
  • 'Let's talk e-cigarettes'' is a podcast talking about the latest research on e-cigarettes and how new research changes what we know about them.
    July 19 2021
  • The launch of Cochrane Cameroon was officially launched on 30 June 2021 in Yaounde, Cameroon. At the launch Cochrane Cameroon highlighted its commitment to promoting evidence-based healthcare policy and practice; translation of research to policy and practice. 
    July 19 2021


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