Recording: 2022 Cochrane lecture with Jimmy Volmink

Photo of Jimmy Volmink

In November 2022 Jimmy Volmink, the 'father of evidence-based medicine in Africa'  and founding Director of the South African Cochrane Centre was the speaker for the 2022 Cochrane lecture.

Cochrane Lectures provide a forum for influential thinkers to deliver thought-provoking talks on the key challenges for the future Evidence-Based Medicine.

Cochrane’s vision is for a world in which “decisions about health and care are informed by high-quality evidence.” As a trusted source of evidence, the organisation is making a substantial contribution to the realisation of this ideal. Yet, more can be done to extend Cochrane’s global reach, and enhance its relevance and impact worldwide. In this year’s Cochrane Lecture, Professor James "Jimmy" Volmink called for the adoption of global health equity as a strategic priority for Cochrane, and explored ways this can be actioned through steps such as prioritising review topics, enabling participation and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Watch here