Our vision, mission and goals


Healthcare decision-making within Africa will be informed by high-quality, timely and relevant research evidence.


  • To prepare and maintain Cochrane Reviews of the effects of healthcare interventions and diagnostics
  • To train and develop capacity and skills in conducting Cochrane Reviews
  • To promote access to, and the use of best evidence, in healthcare decision-making within Africa


  • To increase the number of relevant, high-quality, up-to-date Cochrane Reviews
  • To promote access to Cochrane Reviews and derivative products in countries for which Cochrane SA is the reference Cochrane Centre
  • To promote evidence-based practice and policy, through pro-active management stakeholders
  • To promote the science of research synthesis
  • To promote the optimal functioning and sustainable growth of Cochrane
  • To support and promote clinical trial registration
  • To enhance and improve capacity development and support, through training and mentoring