Collaboration for Evidence-Based Healthcare and Public Health in Africa

The Collaboration for Evidence-Based Healthcare and Public Health in Africa (CEBHA+) is a research network funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. This network intends to translate the principles of evidence based public health by ensuring that the priority research questions are relevant and fill a real gap, through conducting robust research and through overcoming the disconnect between primary research, evidence synthesis and implementation into policy-and-practice.

CEBHA+ comprises 6 partner institutions in Africa, in Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and South Africa, and two partner institutions in Germany. Cochrane SA is one of the African partners, contributing toward all work packages of the network, including:

  1. Leading systematic reviews on population-level interventions to increase physical activity to prevent cardiovascular diseases; and screening strategies for diabetes and hypertension and contributing to other research projects.
  2. Building capacity and providing methodological support to conduct high quality evidence syntheses, and to translate evidence into policy and practice.
  3. Networking, to increase connectivity between all partners and with relevant stakeholders to enhance evidence informed policymaking.

For more information view the CEBHA+ fact sheet.