Webinar: How to address Equity in systematic reviews

Webinar:  How to address equity in systematic reviews

This webinar is aimed at researchers or health professionals interested in addressing equity in systematic reviews as described in the Cochrane Handbook new chapter 16 on equity. Examples will be provided.

Learning objectives:
  • Definition of health equity in context of systematic reviews
  • formulating the question (e.g. use a logic model);
  • planning the methods (how the evidence related to equity and specific populations will be identified and appraised);
  • creating ‘Summary of findings’ tables (e.g. separate tables for disadvantaged populations, separate rows for differences in risk of events); and
  • interpreting findings (in relation to health equity).

Date: 12 June 2020

Time:  15h00 (GMT+2) [Check the time in your city]

Presenter bios:

Dr Vivian Welch is an affiliate researcher at Bruyère Research Institute and associate professor at the School of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Ottawa. Her research interests are assessing health equity in systematic reviews and guideline development.

Dr. Jennifer Petkovic is coordinator of the Campbell and Cochrane Equity Methods group.  Her research interests are in equity, knowledge translation and priority-setting.

To RSVP send an email to cochranesa@mrc.ac.za