How to develop a systematic review protocol: An introduction to Cochrane methodology: 4-8 April 2022

This course is fully booked

How to develop a systematic review protocol: An introduction to Cochrane methodology – 4 to 8 April 2022 

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for a 1-week course on Cochrane methodology from 4-8 April 2022. The course is co-hosted by Cochrane South Africa and Cochrane Sweden and will be delivered online.  

Every morning until lunchtime, we will be on Zoom with presentations from different researchers across Cochrane and other collaborators as well as group discussions and practical exercises. After lunch, participants will continue working on their own in the online-based Cochrane Interactive Learning Modules (CIL).  

Core competencies: Participants attending this course will be able to develop high quality, methodologically sound systematic review protocols of healthcare interventions. 

Overarching objectives: In this course, participants will learn: 

  • what systematic reviews are and why they are useful, 
  • the importance of developing a protocol for a systematic review and what its components are, 
  • how to define eligibility criteria using the PICO format, 
  • how to design a search strategy, 
  • how to carry out study selection and data collection, 
  • how to assess risk of bias of randomised trials included in a review, 
  • how to analyse data in a systematic review, 
  • how to interpret the findings of systematic reviews, and 
  • how to use the GRADE approach to judging and reporting on the certainty of the body of evidence. 

Target audience: Researchers and health professionals interested in conducting systematic reviews, including PhD students. 

Duration: 1 week (4 - 8 April 2022)

Delivery platforms/resources: 

Facilitators: Cochrane South Africa and Cochrane Sweden staff will oversee the entire course's implementation, delivery and facilitate the virtual contact sessions. During the week, participants will meet more than ten researchers, lecturers and facilitators from Cochrane.  

Participant entry requirements: 

  • Application form completed, see “Application” form below.  
  • Priority for this workshop will be given to residents from Sub-Saharan African countries, as well as residents within EU/EEA.  
  • Availability to attend all the sessions throughout the course.  

Maximum number of participants: A maximum of 35 participants will be able to enrol for this course. 

Cost: R2,500 / EUR 149 / SEK 1500 inclusive of VAT (the cost of the course will cover the one-week training and access to the Cochrane Interactive Learning modules). 

Certificates: Certificates for completion of all online CIL modules will be provided to participants by Cochrane, and another certificate for this online course on how to develop a systematic review protocol will be provided to participants by Cochrane South Africa and Cochrane Sweden. Only participants who attend more than 80% of the practical sessions and complete all online learning modules will receive a Certificate. 

Application: To apply for the course, you need to complete the online application formby 28 February 2022. Feedback to participants will be provided by 7 March 2022 and all admitted participants will receive an invoice to the address declared in the application.

Bursaries are available to applicants based in a sub-Saharan African country. To apply click here.

Payment: To be admitted to the course, the fee must be received by 28 March 2022. Please use your invoice number or your name as reference when making the payment and submit your proof of payment to

For queries regarding course content or logistical issues please email